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David Schnell
David Schnell Photography
David Schnell Photography

Photo-shooting for you
All over the world

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Professional photographer and video maker with a passion for adventure

I was born in 1966 in the gorgeous Swiss Mountains of Graubünden, and I've spent nearly my entire life traveling. The experiences that I made during my travels are the most valuable capital on which my photography business is based. Basically, it is exactly what I have done my entire life: travelling around the world. Even if the destinations couldn’t be more different, they always had one thing in common: the beauty!​


David Schnell works also for his Swiss company INIDEASS, especially for video footage & editing.

Here you can have a look into amazing creativity.
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CH-6673 Maggia    I     CH-6900 Lugano 

Phone: +41 79 873 53 83


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